“They are deeply compassionate. The Clarion Group cares about success of the client, professionally and personally.”EVP/Financial Services
“I feel very supported. I know I can call on The Clarion Group anytime, but they didn’t create dependency or try to extend the engagement unnecessarily.”VP, Investment strategy/Financial Services
“It is an overused term, but “partnership” represents the relationship we had – they were in there with us.”CEO/Banking
“Clarion made us feel energized, enlightened and together.”Board Member/Cultural NFP
“As a coach, he never makes me feel judged or categorized. He really wants me to be better.”General Counsel/Professional Services
“They are great listeners and guides. They helped us to think things through to answers.”VP/Banking
“We didn’t get a fancy report packet. We got practical advice. ”Head of Client Services/Insurance
“They were realistic, grounded and helpfully challenging.”President/Insurance
“They engaged immediately, got the group moving together on the work, helped us through some awkward conversations, kept us moving forward, and introduced new concepts.”Executive/Financial Services
“We chose Clarion for their reputation for tailoring solutions to the client. We were not disappointed.”Managing Director/Financial Services
“We have worked with other firms who have experience, but they hold it back. Clarion was about sharing, about being in it with us, not about being competitive.”Change Director/Professional Services
“The Clarion Group is so NOT about the consulting arrogance that we have grown to expect from (other) consultants. Working with them renewed my faith in consulting.”Change Director/Professional Services
“They understand growth and bring a lot of common sense to the table.”EVP, Group Benefits/Insurance
“They listen to opinions and give opinions. They do not just spend time facilitating, getting our ideas and mushing them around. Their opinions and critical insight are quick – it does not take weeks to get them.”VP Wealth Mgt/Insurance
“They bring concrete data or research to support the case, but also use non-quantitative data gathered from experience or information about our company culture. They combine that in a very powerful way.”SVP HR/Insurance
“They work very hard to understand what your specific issues are, then design solutions based on your situation. I have been in the business for 30 years and have dealt with too many consulting firms; by far, the Clarion Group has been the most helpful.”CEO/Insurance
“They are very insightful; they are great listeners and great probers and they are honest – they are HONEST. A lot of people would tell us what we want to hear and not what we need to hear.”VP Wealth Mgt/Insurance
“They stay on point and get to answers quickly.”COO/Insurance
“They have an uncanny ability to zoom in on business direction, diagnose what needs to be done and get clarity about both the strategy and how to execute on that strategy. They are incredibly skillful with the people issues associated with the execution of the strategy.”SVP HR/Insurance
“They are interested in not just offering up a solution but in working with you to be sure the solution is actually implemented.”COO/Insurance
“I think that they are VERY practical in their approach and that is what I think makes them very good.”SVP/Investment
“Most helpful that they were objective, about organization issues and about people, including being straight with me.”VP, International Marketing/Financial Services.